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Alternative Response Method

Enhanced decision-making leads to:

Enhanced Leadership Capacities

Forthright Evaluation of Purpose and Objectives

Strategic Development and Implementation of Goals

Improved Morale

“Warren opened my eyes to the way I had been doing business for so long. He helped me strategically change my focus and drive profitability in a much more enjoyable manner.”

— Abby Polin, Senior VP of Mortgage Lending at Draper and Kramer


Decisions define every aspect of our lives. They lead organizations to success or failure. Profit or loss. Growth or decline.

Yet making a choice is tough. How do you know what the correct path is, and what factors are important to consider in making a selection?  Organizations are often confident they are on the right path, and are following good goals, but may not be.  The quote from Mark Twain comes to mind, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

Never before has there been a system for learning, and teaching, how to make quality decisions on a consistent basis – until The Alternative Response Method (ARM).

Derived from principles and practices from combat martial arts, the military, NASA and other sources that require decisive, strategic action, ARM offers your organization a transformational new methodology for improving performance.

ARM will rewire the way your organization thinks. Challenges will become opportunities.  Decision-making will become increasingly strategic.  Your organization will function better, with more purpose, and result in individuals being more fulfilled.

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The Art of Quality Decision-Making

A Practical Guide to the Alternative Response Method
By Warren Brand

Looking for more detail on what ARM has to offer? In The Art of Quality Decision-Making¸ Warren provides a practical guide to ARM. Take a deeper dive into what ARM is and why it matters. Explore the different motivators and restraints that impact our decision-making. When done, you will have developed your own idiosyncratic flip chart of tools, concepts, and ideas that will guide you towards optimal decisions as well as the development and attainment of good goals.

Within each of us, we have the tools, skills, and capacities that are necessary to make effective and efficient choices and achieve overarching goals. Learn how with The Art of Quality Decision-Making.

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