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About ARM

Making optimal choices is critical in every industry – from healthcare to finance, sports to entertainment, military operations, education, landing on the moon, and everywhere in between. The ability to effectively make strategic decisions is the most important fundamental skill for organizational success.

Yet many organizations struggle to prioritize the most important decisions, take action, and follow through with their goals.

Enter the Alternative Response Method (ARM). ARM offers a proven framework for thinking, and behaving, differently when faced with options.

Using specific tools and practices common to all endeavors which demand excellent and strategic thinking, ARM teaches organizations how to more intentionally approach decisions in all aspects of the organization.

With the support of Certified ARM Practitioners (CAPs), you will learn to differentiate what is important and what may feel important but is simply a distraction. You’ll learn specific strategies that change the way you interact with every challenge, opportunity, and relationship in your life. You will leave with a personalized toolbox (flip chart) based on your existing organizational capacities to guide in making better decisions in all aspects of your workplace.

Never before has there been such a simple, yet powerful, methodology designed to teach us how to make optimal decisions amid a sea of often confusing and sometimes contradictory information. ARM will rewire your brain. It’s time to take the leap.

“Warren helped me organize my time, clarify my intentions, and think strategically about my goals. Like a personal coach with the insight of a Samurai Master, he was able to make me feel supported and focused while I tackled a big new phase of my career. The decisions we made and goals we crafted led me to a new level of success and happiness.”

— Linda Burstyn, Emmy Award-winning Writer and Producer

About the Founder

Founder Warren Brand is passionate about helping organizations craft optimal decisions.  Before the publication of the book and the launch of ARM as a stand-alone consulting firm and methodology, Warren founded Chicago Corrosion Group, a highly technical, vendor-neutral corrosion mitigation consulting firm. CCG has helped some of the largest companies in the world navigate highly-complex technical and operational challenges with the ARM optimal-decision-making framework.  In that time, he specified materials for drinking water tanks in the tallest building in the world, The Burj Kalifa, as well as worked on hundreds of other projects including the iconic Crown Fountain in Chicago.


How Does It Work?

Fundamentally, ARM is adaptable to your organizational needs, and often takes place in four phases:

Determining Capacities

Certified ARM Practitioners (CAPs) will work with you to determine organizational and individual capacities to develop a realistic path forward.

Defining Goals

CAPs and your organization will work collaboratively to develop four-point certified goals including a What Then Analysis (WTA).


Based on realistic evaluation of capacities, CAPS will work with clients to develop a plan forward.

Accountability Support

ARM staff will continue to work with clients to support their efforts in implementing the roadmap as, and if, the organization requires.  Often, no ongoing support is required.

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