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ARM Programs

ARM is infinitely adaptable to your individual and organizational needs. The following is a list of services, all of which can be modified to suit your requirements:

Executive and Individual ARM Coaching

Decision-making is a learned skill. And when the quality of our lives is defined by the decisions we make, it is critical we learn how to make good decisions on a consistent basis. At ARM, all we do, every day, is help our clients make better decisions. We help them develop their own unique skill set (flip chart) based on their own capacities. We teach the difference between good goals and momentum goals, how to differentiate decisional from non-decisional variables, and how to improve overall strategic effectiveness individually and as leaders. As part of executive and individual coaching, you’ll work with a Certified ARM Practitioner (CAP) to review the different roles you hold in life, understand your personal capacity, and identify a clear path forward. Among the many benefits, you will leave with your own personal flip chart aimed at helping you address any challenge that comes your way.

Half-Day Workshop

In these half-day workshops, your organization will focus on a specific challenge that is hindering your progress – whether that is morale, retention, product growth, communication, team-building, leadership issues, or any other topic. Certified ARM Practitioners (CAPs) work with you to understand why this challenge exists and examine it through the ARM framework, analyzing past performance and behaviors related to that issue. We then jointly create a roadmap to follow moving forward to address that particular challenge. The half-day workshop can be done either onsite or remotely, and the capacity and intent of the workshop may vary.

Multi-day workshops

Multi-day workshops provide the fundamentals of ARM and prepare your organization to adopt it in the future, regardless of the challenges you face. These sessions provide a deep exploration of the ARM framework, providing the tools and techniques you need to apply ARM no matter what challenges and opportunities present themselves. You’ll get a deep dive into using the ARM framework for all aspects of organizational performance. Multi-day workshops can be done either onsite or remotely, and size of the workshops can vary.


Rattle-proofing is an intensive workshop geared toward teaching organizations and individuals how to remain calm in all situations. Organizations that are fearful of conflict are often not getting the most out of their individuals or teams. Through role-playing and revisiting historically difficult conversations and situations, we’ll work with organizations to retrain responses and help individuals think more clearly and strategically in any given moment.

Keynote Speaking

Warren is available to speak on a variety of topics relating to ARM, and will address issues pertaining to your organization.

Workshops Add-On

Part of effective teamwork is being able to effectively collaborate and work together. To showcase the lessons in action, each of our programs can include an optional closing activity of bare-handed board breaking or other similar physical manifestation of the program.

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